Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS
Diary Tee 2.5 SS





I took tryptamine, which inhibits Monoamine oxidase, after I took a lot of phenethylamine.
As a result, overdose, archetypal pattern.
Heart rate was 200/min.
At the next moment when I thought, "I did it", My beat of the heart kept the beat with unbelievable speed and immediately I thought "It
will probably die."

From that moment, I continued to take pictures of myself, my (ex) girlfriend who is OD also, the police and the emergency team, In other
words, I took a pictures all the my surroundings at that time, with my smartphone until the moment I lost consciousness.

Perhaps I thought that I have to leave them before i will die.
However, I don't remember clearly why I did so.
Because I was in a terrible coma, so it was no use not to remember.

After that, there were only a few pictures of overdose on my hand and got a criminal record.

I did not dislike seeking meaning anything happened in my life, but I never be a type of fear of selling my life.
That is what it is.
Size Chart:サイズ表
Size Length/着丈 Width/身幅
M 74cm 51cm
L 76cm 56cm
XL 79cm 61cm

※手採寸のため誤差がございます。 予めご了承ください。
*There may be an error  because of hand measurements.
Please note

Diary Tee 2.5 SS


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